Monday, August 31, 2009

Shoe Shopping and loud voices

I love shoe shopping! I love going into DSW with my wallet in my back pocket, hands free to browse through isles of shoes that always fit and say 'hello! don't you look pretty today! Try me on and take me for a walk!' I have a good friend who also shares my fascination with shoes who last week, introduced me to her 'Shoe Husband' at Nordstrom Valley Fair. I have to admit...I do not frequent Nordstroms very often so this was a little off the beaten path for me.

We arrived I immediately became consumed by the beautiful displays of paired friends all beckoning me to take them for a walk. I met the 'Shoe Husband' and oh my what a husband he is! Completely honest about how things looked...suggested some fantastic alternates to less desirable options and told me everything I wanted to hear... LOL just kidding! I was walking around a display when my eyes fell upon a pair of burgundy 4 inch peep-toe cheetah pumps with a sexy corset lace-up the side. I had died! Definitely not was I was shopping for but they were calling my name! I requested my size, tried them on and holy hot cheetahness these were going home with me. I was walking around the store with them on when I decided to text a friend for a fourth opinion since my friend and her 'husband' were both in agreement. I asked my friend to take a picture with my camera and as I was bending over to raise my pant leg I felt like I had to say something...

I've learned that sometimes I need to keep my mouth shut! This time I didn't! I said to my friends 'let's send it to... and see if I cause a... (what I meant to say here was REACTION!) but as I started to say reaction I felt my lips forming another word similar in syllables. And when this similar word came out of my mouth...I even studdered because I was trying to stop it. What did I say you ask?

"lets see if I cause an er-erection..." LMAO! My friend and her shoe husband both looked at me like WTH!!! Did you just say erection in the middle of Nordstrom? I fell over laughing so hard but before I did, I looked over at these two ladies who were shopping near by and they were both looking at me me dropped jaws! I definitive received some sideways glances!

Nevertheless, the shoes came home with me and my and my Fergie's went out dancing that Friday night... Gave the song 'tonight's gonna be a good night' a while new meaning!


  1. After all these years, it is a comfort to know that you are still a woman after my own heart. How I've missed you. Yes, I am a shoe fiend as well, although lately I have not had the funds to invest in my fetish. It's ok, though. I rather like having food in my fridge. Let's talk soon, hmmm?

  2. Shoes are fun.