Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awkward Introductions

I first need to mention that I am so grateful for my family and their good intentions. Like many other single ladies out there, I'm sure I'm not alone by saying, it drives me crazy when relatives HAVE to introduce you to the only other single man in the same room with you and think (Clap like Mama Klump) "you two are perfect for each other...you should date and get married."

I had the privileged..nay the pleasure to enjoy such a introduction at my cousins wedding that I mentioned in my previous blog. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we marry in the temple. This is the scene of the following 'Awkward Introduction'.

As a family, minus my father and sister, we were all in the temple and what a glorious reunion it was. I hadn't seen some of these cousins in upwards of 10 years. I was sitting in-between my mother and my aunt at one point and my aunt leans over to me and says, 'he's cute... I wonder if he's single.' (Bear in mind again, I am the oldest girl out of 18 cousins and I haven't graduated to the married club so everyone HAS to help out!) I leaned over and said,"yes, I've already checked him out...cute and not married...not really my type."

Let me describe this guy.... H-O-T but completely full of himself...probably early 20's and should I say again... completely full of himself. NOT INTERESTED IN GUYS THAT LIKE TO ADMIRE THEMSELVES in the mirror and primp!

Anyway... we get in the Celestial room (check out lds.org if you have questions) and my grandfather bless his by-passed heart comes up to me and says it's so nice to be here with you...hopefully next time it will be for you.... *SIGH*

Later I'm chatting with my cousins when my Step-grandmother comes over to say hello....so I thought... She doesn't say hello doesn't say a word to me at all but grabs me by the wrist and pulls me to the other side of the room in front of Mr. H-O-T and says, "this is my grand daughter...she's young and single....you're young and single...you two should talk!"

Still being held captive by my step-grandmothers hand I shot her a look of what the HECK are you doing???? I look at Mr. H-O-T while being five shades of red and he was stone cold. No expression on his face. No smile acknowledging the awkward situation, no laugh to ease the tension...but a stone cold stare like who are you....

My step-grandmother FINALLY figures out that she just created a very awkward situation clues in and starts to back peddle... "oh my! I wasn't trying to... I mean... you two are both young and here at a wedding single...by your selves and I thought you...I wasn't trying to... Oh my!" (She's still gripping my wrist. Hellooooo! Let me gooooo! I want to curl up in a hole and die!)

She finally stops talking and I decide to make the best of the situation and formally introduce myself... Hi! I'm me...I'm cousins of the bride...nice to meet you..." This would be a natural pause where he could of introduced himself... but NO.... He just sat there and starred. At this point my embarrasment turned to irritation with Mr. H-O-T... I said to him, "and you are???" "I'm (a dusch)" That's it... that's all he said untill he finally decided to say more and what did he say???? "Wow this is awkward!"

DONE! I politely walked away after saying nice to meet you and didn't talk to him the rest of the weekend.

Two things!

1.) If you are a married individual....two single people are not automatically compatible just because they are single... Remember when you were single... I know it was a long time ago...but try and remember what it was like dating... There's more to it than just being single too...

2.) If you find yourself in this situation, no matter what side of the coin...BE NICE! Even if you are not attracted to the other person he/she could have a friend that is your 'speed'.


  1. hahaha!!!! defin awkward... he defin seemed a little in to himself

  2. I concur!!!

    At my little sister's wedding (she got married well before I did), a woman came through the line and hugged me and said, "Well, I guess you missed your chance..." LOL! Um...K...

    A great man is being prepared for you... not douche boy.