Wednesday, August 19, 2009

About the Girl With The Green Eyes

By culture standards I am a 'menace to society'! I'm a 30 year old SWF, practicing Mormon, college graduate of a local state college with a degree in Public Relations and currently work for a birth control company as their events specialist. (Odd combination I know...)

Growing up Mormon I had dreams of getting married and starting a family all by the time I was in my mid 20s. Well that didn't happen. Instead, I'm a college grad, making OK money (at least I'm employed), traveling and logging ( blogging) some great adventures.

This blog is all about the happenings of a 30-year-old just trying to have fun in life. As things happen, I plan on updating this page. I hope you read along and at least laugh with me as I navigate through this thing we call life!

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  1. I think you rock... you forgot that tidbit... BTW - Love the blog...just found it. LOL!