Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have to admit from an early age I was a boy crazy the point where friends and family couldn't keep them straight. As a result, boys worth taking about inevitably acquired a nickname. Here are the top five...

The first Boy...I was about 10 at the time. The neighborhood I grew up in had a good number of kids my age. One of which was Mormon to and he and I were best friends. He was my first love. I remember one rainy afternoon playing at his grandmothers house with him and his girl cousin who is my age. She knew of my love for him and thought it would be a great idea to write him a letter as 'Cupid' and throw it out side for him to find when he left. She wrote the letter...sealed it with a kiss and threw it out side... He found it, read it, and then called me his sister. He however, WAS my first kiss. We were swimming in his pool and our other friend was about to dive off the diving board and I called him over. I had been plotting ALL day how I was going to do it. When he swam over, I kissed him on the cheak...he kissed me back quickly and I said... 'thank you' LOL From then on...he will forever be known as Pool Boy. He has since married a wonderful woman and right now they have two children.

Next is actually a friend of Pool Boy. This guy is not Mormon but a totally awesome guy. This boy came from a pretty affluent family and another country and is pretty dang good looking. He would always take me out (every three months)for a really nice dinner and either play games or ..... go for a drive. This drive always ended with a small NCMO session. (For those of you not up to speed on what NCMO's a noncommittal make out.) He and I got along really well but it never really went anywhere... I actually don't know where this guy is now days but I'm sure he's doing well. His nickname... NCMO Boy. ('Nickmo' Boy)

Number three I meet in the singles ward almost 10 years ago. He and I NEVER really talked in person... at most it was a head nod and a 'what's up'? We would chat online all the time about random stuff. Church, girls, guys, music, sports blah blah blah etc. One night we ended up hanging out and long story short.. we kissed. HOLY COW...such a good kisser! Better than someone I was in a pretty serious relationship with for a year. We continued to talk after that evening but we never kissed again . So sad! Number three is...One night boy.

Number four is yet another shmuck I met in the singles ward. We were all hanging out at the 'boys house' on a sunday night when I first met him. He had just moved to the area for work as he was working for a pharmaceutical company as a chemist. Pretty good looking guy... we had some things in common. A while later, we ended up going on a double date with a friend of mine and her boy friend. That night he laid on some thick moves. I had a couple issues with this guy. Unfortunately, this story doesn't reflect very well on me. One issue... I think he was shorter than I. No real big deal.. Two, he had HORRIBLE shoes. Let me describe these shoes to you. First he had small feet. He would always wear either flip flops which are fine or he would wear these black tennis shoes. It was the tennis shoes I couldn't handle and were a COMPLETE turn off! It still makes me embarrassed. So you remember the black top high nike's with no design and Velcro on them? Well they were a cross between those and shoes that special ed kids wear who couldn't tie their shoes. I feel as though the shoes you wear are a symbol of how you carry yourself and while these shoes were practical and probably had GREAT arch support there are a ton a shoe styles out there now that you don't have to resurrect 80's has beens! Number four is known as Shoe boy.

Save the best for last! Number five was a real treat! I meet this one at SJSU in a health fitness class. By far this guy was the most physically fit guy I have ever been out with. Pretty good looking. One day after class he started talking to me and asked me out. I was a little surprised because guys like him usually aren't my speed... But I went and boy was it a treat.. more like an eye opening experience. He came and picked my up and took me to Maggiano's. We sat at the bar for dinner because the wait for a table was an hour long. During dinner he had to use the restroom and when he got up to go he made me promise I wouldn't leave while he was gone.... I thought odd... That should have been my first warning that something was ... different about this guy. The rest of dinner was filled with awkward conversation. He would ask me the same question over and over and act like he heard if for the first time. When we were about to leave, he went to use the bathroom again. As he got up he once again asked me not to leave while he was gone... LOL Well he wanted to go back to his place after and watch a movie. OK...whatever. We get there and he invites me to sit down and then goes to the bathroom. I'm sitting there all by my self and I hear the shower turn on.... I thought to he taking a shower... WHY? He comes out 5 minutes later in a different set of clothing and he's all dewy. We watch the movie and by this time, I'm ready to go home. I tell him it's time to take me home and he excuses himself to the bathroom again. At which point, I hear the shower turn on AGAIN. I'm a by myself for another 5 mintues and when he emerges from the bathroom, he has on yet another outfit and has obviously showered AGAIN! He takes me home and walks me to the door and goes in for a kiss. HECK NO! Turned my head and let him kiss me on the cheek. I felt his hands and they were like sand paper. Obviously this guy is OCD. Luckily it was the end of the semester so I didn't have to talk to him much after that date. Number five my friends is Shower Boy.

I've learned alot from these guys...

1.) When you like a guy and he're like my sister... never a good thing and that will never change.... Change him to brother status right away.

2.) NCMO sessions are fun in the moment but long term...not so much.. Substance is always better!

3.) Sometimes you have a serendipitous moment with an individual you have great chemistry with...cherish those moments...they are precious. His wife is the luckiest woman in the world!

4.)Watch out for guys with jankie shoes... they don't know what they are doing or what they want... they also short waiters on tips! Guys...always over tip when you're on a date!

5.) If you think it's too good to be true... it probably is. No one can be that hot and be normal.

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  1. I think I know who NCMO is, but not sure and not the others... I feel so behind. =(